Ola Amigos,

Let me start off by introducing myself. I am Coby, a Dutch amateur model. My modeling work includes art, nude, fetish, corsets.

This site was built so I could have a place for people to view my online portfolio. I also have some other stuff I want to show you, such as pictures taken by amateur photographers and my thoughts & scribbles (all Dutch and a bit silly…).

Planned shoots: Martin Wieldraaijer (Arnhem, Netherlands), Jeroen Kroos (Amsterdam, Netherlands). This will be January or even February, since I want to take a break in December, spend some time alone and with my son.

My friend Pieta had her first photo shoot, arranged by me. I did her styling and make-up, which was great fun to do. I am considering a career change ;)… The results will be shown soon!

I am thinking about setting up a small merchandise booth… ladies undies and baby tees. Interested?

I will be on the lookout for new tattooed, pierced alternative models, maybe someone to pose with myself… Send me an e-mail if you think you want to be a sexy pin-up kitten, even if only for one shoot. Just send a picture of yourself and a description to nyarlecoby@hotmail.com.

Now, I won’t *bother* you with more useless information, go look at the site.


By the way, please make sure to leave a note in the guestbook, or to contact me if you want extra information.