If you are not up to the latest role playing games release this year, then you are disregarding the juicy part of RPGs.  The gaming society is going through its most beautiful periods concerning the quality of the game, with the various release for each platform being launched one after the other.  As you would expect, not everybody would wish to walk to their local gaming merchandizer and purchase a PS4 or Nintendo Switch to play these recent releases. Acquiring a gaming console is an expensive investment; especially if you don’t have the time to play long hour fantasy adventures. 

Luckily, mobile gaming is in existence, with ample in-depth capabilities to be installed on your tablet or mobile phone. This offers you with the chance to completely engross your mind in the fictional world of your choice.   There is a countless number of RPGs on android play store, and picking out the best can be a daunting task. But you don’t have to worry. We are doing the hard part for you through compiling this list for you of the best role play games on android play store. 

Knights of Pen and Paper 2

Knights of Pen and paper 2 is among the best android role play games for Retro-fans. The game brings together real virtue playing with real-world role-playing. The game target a group of role-playing fans who have developed a taste of Dungeons and Dragons game. This is a free-to-play game that enables you to see the group action and also those of the Dungeon Master.  Knights of pen and paper 2 combines an exciting playing mechanic that brings in a fascinating old school scene. 

Heroes and Castles 2

Heroes and Castles 2 is the most excellent action and role-playing strategy game for Android. The game effectively combines role-playing, strategy, and move into one game.  In this action exploration Role-playing game, your mandate is not just to construct castles, but also barricade straight into combats and unravel new skills. The game is relatively extensive and has compacted controls. What makes this game outstanding is the feeling of excitement it stroke within one’s mind.  If you’re a fan of movies such as Kingdom of heaven and Braveheart, then is this role-playing game is yours. 

The Banner Saga

The Banner Saga is among the best role-playing game for Android, which also features a storyline. This old-school RPG does not only highlight the best storyline and also engages your mind in thinking hard and making difficult decisions. It also features a challenging fighting structure that is played in turns. Another significant feature that makes this RPG stand out is the compact graphics and excellent soundtrack, which assisting in supplementing the serene atmosphere of the game.  

Dragon Quest 5

Though the Dragon Quest 5 storyline has a modern touch, the game is somehow old school in its gameplay. The game is characterized with various tragedy as well as triumphs. The entire game revolves around with the concept of heroism and what precisely the name pull off. 

Toss in a fun monstrous-catching mechanic that precedes Pokemon, and you will encounter a journey you shouldn’t miss. The game also features a vertical alignment rather than the usual horizontal one, making your playing easier in some game phase on the sly. 


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